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Bioethics conference in California,USA welcomes Visit Nepal 2020

Bioethics conference in California,USA welcomes Visit Nepal 2020

California – On 22-24 February 2020 the American University of Soveriegn Nations (AUSN) convened an international conference on “Sustainable Development, Bioethics, Education, Peace and Cross Cultural Dialogue Conference” in Himalayan Grill, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA. Participants from East and West, North and South, discussed together questions such as when we should allow gene edited embryos, when we should quarantine people, and how do we allow people to pass from this life to the next. 
What are the ethical dilemmas from migration to colonialisation of education. A common answer is that Bioethics is the Love of Life, said Professor Darryl Macer, the President of AUSN, former UNESCO Regional Adviser for Asia and the Pacific, a native of New Zealand.
Among the topics discussed were “Aftercare for organ recipients, donors and donor families in Japan” by Dr. Maria-Keiko Yasuoka, Hokkaido University, Japan; “Gene Edited Human Babies: scandal and/or breakthrough? by Dr. Esra Bilir, Turkey; UCSD Moores Cancer Center; “The Role of Human Values, Bioethics and Cross Cultural Ethics in Educational Policies for Sustainable Development”, by Dr Suma Parahakaran, Malaysia; “How my Buddhist Faith and Medititation helped in the process of letting go my Mother”, Venerable Sopon, Dhammakaya International Meditation Center, Azusa, California.  
There were also experts from Bangladesh, New Zealand, USA and Nepal, and several Native American tribes. Together the partiipants discussed openly also with persons around the world on-line, these and other topics that we need to explore together to find diverse global solutions and good practices.
The forum also welcome the initiative of “VISIT NEPAL 2020” from Nepal Government and appreciated the people of Nepal for welcoming world to Nepal.   
International Youth campaigner Rimesh Khanal, journalist Dolma Lama and film maker Shankar Raj Wagle( S Raj) are promoting the Visit Nepal 2020 and Tourism potentiality in Nepal from USA since a long time now. This Nepalese group based in Los Angeles is also very active on making short movies and hosting inspirational meetings and forums on socio-economic issues with immigrants and beyond.