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Hutto Mayor Invites Greater Austin Nepali Community Leaders to City Hall for Proclamation

Hutto Mayor Invites Greater Austin Nepali Community Leaders to City Hall for Proclamation

Vishan Neupane

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Today, on March 21st, 2024, Hutto Mayor Mike Snyder extended a warm invitation to Nepali community leaders, gathering them at Hutto City Hall for a momentous proclamation ceremony. The proclamation, recognizing the Greater Austin Nepali Society and the inauguration of the Pashupatinath Temple, marked a significant milestone in cultural exchange and community integration.
Amidst a gathering of dignitaries and community members, Mayor Snyder hailed the diverse tapestry of Hutto, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of various cultures, religions, and traditions. The proclamation highlighted the vibrant presence of the Nepali community, numbering over 15,000 individuals in the Greater Austin area, and praised their efforts in preserving and sharing the rich heritage of Nepal.
Following Mayor Snyder’s address, President Bhojraj Bhatta of the Greater Austin Nepali Society expressed gratitude to the Hutto City Council for their unwavering support in realizing the dream of establishing the Pashupatinath Temple. He urged residents to embrace the temple as a symbol of cultural unity and diversity, inviting all to experience its spiritual ambiance.
In conversations with Himalaya Khabar, following the ceremony, Bidur Khatiwada, General Secretary of the Greater Austin Nepali Community, reflected on the historic significance of the day. He emphasized the collaborative spirit within the Nepali community and the overwhelming support received from both local and global well-wishers, underscoring the temple’s inauguration as a testament to unity and cultural pride.
The invitation extended by Mayor Snyder to Nepali community leaders exemplified the city’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and recognizing the invaluable contributions of all its residents.