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Successful Blood Drive by Austin Everest Lions Club: 26 Pints Collected

Successful Blood Drive by Austin Everest Lions Club: 26 Pints Collected

Himalayakhabar Correspondent

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Austin,Texas- In a collaborative effort between the Austin Everest Lions Club, Blood Donors of America (BDA), and the Greater Austin Nepali Society, a successful blood donation drive was organized at the YMCA in Cedar Park, Texas.

The event witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 40 dedicated volunteers turning up to contribute to this life-saving cause. The drive, aimed at replenishing local blood banks, received immense support from the community. According to Lion Sulav Poudel, the secretary of the Austin Everest Lions Club, a total of 26 pints of blood were collected during the event. This impressive outcome highlights the generosity and commitment of the participants and organizers towards supporting healthcare initiatives in the area.

The Austin Everest Lions Club has been actively engaged in various community programs across the Austin area recently, emphasizing their dedication to serving the local community. Such initiatives not only underscore the importance of collective action in supporting healthcare needs but also emphasize the impact of collaborative efforts in making a difference in the lives of those in need.