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Fresh Leadership At Austin Everest Lions Club

Fresh Leadership At Austin Everest Lions Club

Himalayakhabar Correspondent

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Hutto, TX — The Austin Everest Lions Club, a prominent community service organization, held a momentous event on Sunday, August 13th, marked by the induction of new members and the installation of new officers. The event was graced by the presence of District 2-S3 Governor Lion Stephen Fuchs, who officiated the proceedings. The vibrant gathering took place at the Greater Austin Nepali Community Center in Hutto, Texas.

Club’s Secretary Lion Soulav Paudel introduced the program to an enthusiastic audience, showcasing the day’s agenda. Newly elected  president Lion Sangina Malla, in her heartfelt welcome speech, expressed gratitude to all attendees and highlighted the club’s commitment to serving the community. Vice President Lion Sapana Ghimire provided a succinct overview of the Austin Everest Lions Club’s recent activities and projects, showcasing the organization’s dedication to making a positive impact. Past President Lion Devraj Neupane took the stage to share insights from his tenure and offer valuable guidance to the incoming officers. His speech was followed by a moment of inspiration as District Governor Stephen Fuchs addressed the gathering. DG Stephen emphasized the vital role of Lions Clubs in fostering community welfare and commended the Austin Everest Lions Club for their dedication.

A unique cultural touch was added to the event with a brief speech about Nepali Lions by Lion Ram Raja Thapa. Lion Thapa shed light on the importance of Lions Clubs globally and their meaningful contributions. Lion Suresh Basyal also shared his thoughts during the event, underscoring the spirit of unity and service that binds the club members together. The main highlight of the evening was the induction ceremony, led by District Governor Stephen Fuchs himself. New members and newly elected club officers were warmly welcomed into the Austin Everest Lions Club, signifying their commitment to service and making a difference in the local community. The evening concluded on a delightful note with a Potluck dinner, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity among the attendees. The Austin Everest Lions Club’s Induction and Officer Installation Ceremony was indeed a remarkable event, marking the beginning of a new chapter of service, leadership, and community engagement. As these dedicated Lions continue to make a positive impact, their collective efforts are set to bring about meaningful change within the Greater Austin area and beyond.