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New York City Mayor, Eric Adams graced the first Nepali American Music Festival in Queens, America

New York City Mayor, Eric Adams graced the first Nepali American Music Festival in Queens, America

New York- On the auspicious occasion of Nepali festival, Dashain and Deepawali, “Nepal American Music Festival” was conducted for the first time at Diversity Plaza, Queens, New York City, United States in an open space for free on October 8, 2022, Saturday. The program was organized by CPA Pashupati Shrestha from Buddha Tax and Accounting, Rajesh Hamal from Revel Events Inc and Nabaraj KC, the popular real estate sales man in New York. The main purpose to conduct the event in an open space is to introduce Nepali music and culture to the foreigners, primarily diverse communities from all the over the world, residing in Queens, New York area. The organizers believe that the Nepali Music Festival is going to help promote tourism in Nepal, in one way or another.
Eighteen renowned and popular national Nepali singers and dancers entertained the crowd, primarily Nepalese, American and Bengali and others, of about four thousand people. The chief guest was Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City. The mayor got a very warm welcome and a big round of applause from the Nepali community in Jackson Heights.

The mayor, Eric Adams, congratulated the organizers, Buddha Tax, Revel Events and Nabarj KC for the beautiful music festival that helped promote the Nepalese music and culture further into the world. The mayor also extended his warm wishes to the Nepalese community for the dashain and tihar festival. Nabaraj KC, one of the organizers of the music festival, thanked Eric Adams for his good wishes to the Nepalese community. The mayor awarded four Nepalese performers and social workers. The four awardees were Sapana shree, Phiroj Syangden, Pema Chhewang Sherpa and Suraj Singh Thakuri.

To begin the music festival, CPA Pashupati Shrestha introduced Suraj Singh Thakuri, the popular host of “It’s my show” to the crowd and Suraj Singh Thakuri took over and did a wonderful job in hosting the festival.  The crowd was blown away with the high level performances of artists, dancers and the host. The artists were Phiroj Syangden, Hari Karmacharya (gloomy guys), Deepesh Kishor Bhattarai, Sanjeep Pradhan, Reshma Sunuwar, Tilak Bam Malla, Bimal Dangi, Nisha Sunar and Sanjok Yonjan. The other performers were Kabina Singh, Yenserg Gurung and Rutman Gurung, Armani Maharjan, Mamta Rai and the Bansanta Dance Center. DJ Jango did an amazing job for the sound system.

The other organizing team members and volunteers were Anjit Gurung, Anjan Shrestha, Etna Karki,Shankar Bisunke, Bash Bishu, Nilima Maden, John Lama, Niran Prajapati, Uma Tamang, Rojina Deula and Nilima Maden. The organizers thanked the sponsors and supporters for their immense support to make the festival a success.

Tourism ambassadors Pradip Shrestha and Keshab Ram Rai were also present in the event. Steven Raga, the assembly man of Queens, and Rajkumar Bista, FIPNA president, also graced their presence in the event. The organizers are going to make this “Nepali American Music Festival” an annual event at Diversity Plaza, Queens and promote Nepali Music and culture in USA.