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Premier show of Nepali short movie MONSOON in San Antonio

Premier show of Nepali short movie MONSOON in San Antonio

Premier show of Nepali short movie MONSOON in San Antonio
San Antonio, TX; July 28, 2015. Dream Production
The premier show of Nepali short movie MONSOON remained successful in the historical city of San Antonio, Texas USA.The short movie Monsoon, written by Diyalo Susan Majhi and produced by the Dream Production in association with the Thirsty Soul was first screened on July 26 of 2015, Sunday with a huge participation of community people in Methodist church in San Antonio, Texas.
The short movie is directed by Pritam Gajmer and Hem Sagar. It has melody voice of Hem Sagar, music by Thirsty Soul, and artistic camera and edition by Ashok Bhujel and Shah Gajmer. The Nepali Short movie Monsoon has become excellent cinematography work in the history of Nepali short movie, with great combinations of excellent short story plot, touchy lyrics, great music, best camera shoots with awesome edition, and mind-blowing performance of new artists and actors who were screening for the first time, but looks they were professional artists. Except few discontinuous transition scenes and immature expressions, the short movie Monsoon has become a big success in over all aspects and elements of cinematography.
Rajan Rai, Mela Bhujel, Sita Acharya, Shiva Timsina, Hem Sagar, Shah Gajmer, Nabin Magar, and Sanjay Magar are actors screened on the short movie Monsoon.
The event was hosted by Mela Bhujel and Diyalo Susan Majhi. And Mr. Pritam Gajmer was the Chairperson of the premier show. Pastor Ezekiel Gajmer was the Chief guest, whereas Mr. Glen Sefferd and Ms. Kathy Sefferd were the special guests of the premier show. Hem Sagar Majhi had presented a Nepali modern song and some local dancers had performed some awesome Nepali dances in the premier show function. There were much more attractions and presentations in the premier show of the Nepali short movie, Monsoon.
The organizers of the Short Movie Premier Show heartily thanks to Miss Joann Jin Mena of MERC Group for such a big support to bring their Premier show into reality and made a big difference. The organizers also extended their special thanks to all the Guests who has kept their busy schedule aside and made their program much beautiful with their Presence. They also thanked the people of San Antonio for supporting the event to make it such a big success and historic.