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Plano Collin Nepalese Leo Club

Plano Collin Nepalese Leo Club

Texas (America)-Plano Collin Nepalese Leo Club (PCNLC) is a newly chartered Alpha Leo Club for youth, in Collin County and surrounding areas, who are interested in performing authentic service activities. This club was chartered in June 2020 and currently has 21 active members along with 3 guest members. On June 26, 2020, the PCNLC conducted an official zoom meeting which was attended by 21 Leos and a few parents. During the zoom meeting, Leos actively discussed about the future service projects and their roles in executing the projects. Leos’ Mentors Lion Kritika Panta and Lion Sweta Gautam interviewed the Leo Club officers; here is what the new Leos had to say about Leoism:
What motivated you to join the Leo Club? Can you talk about your specific plan or projects during your presidency?
Kripesh Panta – President: I was motivated to join the Leo club by my parents who taught me how this club unites people in the community. I did not know Leo club existed before my parents introduced it to me in 2015. When I first started volunteering as a Leo, I saw so many people around me lending a hand to the less fortunate. This organization promotes many selfless behaviors and that is why I wanted to be a part of it. I would like to host an online raffle during this pandemic to collect funds for a few service projects to the people living in shelter homes. After the pandemic, I would like to implement a tree-planting project and a blood drive. After having our Leo club’s first meeting, some members suggested a few projects such as tutoring younger kids and helping elderly people walk their dogs. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is happening right now, I am optimistic that we Leos can find safe ways to give back to our community.
How can being a part of the Leo club help improve your resume/career plans?
Abhinit Rijal – Vice President: One of the main advantages of being a Leo is that it enhances your résumé and career plans. On a résumé, employers are looking for things that make you different from other applicants. For example, if you and another applicant have the same skills and the same amount of experience, your service work may be the sole factor that sets you apart. When employers see on your application that you are a Leo, they may most likely select you because it shows that you care for people and are helpful. Being a Leo may also help on your college resume in a similar way. I think it will be helpful in obtaining college scholarships based on your service experience and community works.
How can Leos help our community during the quarantine time due to COVID?
Bibhushan Sharma – Vice President: During these difficult times, there are many restraints on what we will be able to do as a Leo Club. However, that does not mean there are no opportunities for us to serve the community and those in need. Raising some funds from our personal sources for Pediatric Cancer Project, as our Lions Charter President talked about, would be a great option for us to start. Volunteering by collecting food for local food banks and tutoring young community members online are some viable ideas, given that these situations meet our health guidelines. The quarantine that is in place due to Covid-19 does give us restrictions for serving others but does not deter our club from achieving our goals.
What is the importance of volunteerism?
Awatar Aryal – Secretary: Volunteerism is important because it gives you the experience of helping others in need. The definition of volunteerism is "the policy or practice of volunteering one's time or talents for charitable, educational, or other worthwhile activities, especially in one's community." Volunteerism is an important experience to have in your life because it can teach you important life skills and give you experience that will help you find a good college or job. It can help you build character, leadership skills, morals, and help you realize that not everyone is as lucky as you are. It has many benefits for me, the community, and my self-confidence.
Why did you choose to run for an officer position?
Aman Shrestha – Treasurer: I chose to run for an officer position because I really think that the Leo Club will benefit me in the future. I want to pursue business and I think that working with other officers will help me build up my communication skills, be more interactive within the community, and help me develop other various skills needed for my future professional career. I think everything I do in this club will help me grow and accomplish the goals I have in my lifetime. Above all, my passion to serve the community and people in need, in my capacity, motivated me to take this position.
Do you agree that education and service to the community are both important for a young student like you?
Anish Paudel – Service Coordinator: Yes, I strongly agree that education and service to the community are both important for a young student. When children are young and have a good education, they are in shape for the future. The community as a whole will benefit from good deeds produced by the youth. In addition, remaining educated and giving back to the community allows you to gain knowledge and accept feedback through different stages of life. Educational achievement and volunteerism are the two important aspects that a university considers while accepting for enrollment and scholarships.
How do you think being a part of the Leo club can benefit you in the future? (Note: this is a common question for all the Board Directors)
Lata Bhatt – Board Director: Being a part of the Leo club is very beneficial for my future for several reasons. Leo club will help me learn leadership skills, help the community, self-improve, and learn countless other skills needed in life. Being a part of the Leo club is a great opportunity to volunteer and strengthen the community. I believe that mentioning my involvement with the Leo club will greatly benefit my chances of getting into a good college.
Ayush Kandel – Board Director: I think the Leo club can benefit my future by improving my leadership skills and helping me gain volunteer hours. The Leo club will help refine my leadership skills because I have the chance to look up to my senior Leos and learn from them. With these skills, I can eventually lead a group of Leos in a few years. I believe that gaining volunteer hours will help me in the future because many college and job recruiters will see my service work and can possibly help me obtain the position I want. I am very excited to be a Leo and I think being a part of this organization will greatly benefit my future.
Deen Sainju – Board Director: I think that being a part of the Leo club will help me in the future with my leadership skills and making connections. Regardless of my Leo club position, this organization will give me the opportunity to learn how to be a better leader. It can also help with networking because I will be surrounded by many people. I will also learn better communication skills and above all, the community at large will be served.
Herish Tripathi – Board Director: I think being part of the Leo Club will help me improve and sharpen many skills. As a Leo, I will participate in many activities and be given many assignments. Participation in these activities will help me refine leadership skills, build a strong work-ethic, and teach me valuable life lessons. Also, the fundraising and other service work will help me build up my portfolio for the future and complete my required community service work hours for school. The club also gives me something interesting and worthwhile to do.
Other members of the Club are: Praneha Dhakal, Aabhash KC, Arnav Siwakoti, Aryabir Shing Rayamajhi, Ashika Poudel, Ashutosh Rijal, Ava Karki, Bibhas Sharma, Maya Shapkota, Melisha Sharma, and Suprit Paudel. The Club has three guest members: Basila Aryal. Nirlepa Acharya, and Smiti Ghimire.
Thank you Leos, Parents, and Lions for supporting us in preparing this short interview. If anyone is interested to join the club, please contact one of the Leo Officers noted above.