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5th Miss Nepal US 2015 – ” Rebuilding Nepal”

5th Miss Nepal US 2015 – ” Rebuilding Nepal”

First of all, we the entire Miss Nepal US 2015 team, would like to thank you for all your support for previous years and we hope we can continue to receive your support in years to come.
Secondly, we are very proud to announce the 5th Chapter of Miss Nepal US 2015 to be held in New York on August 22nd 2015. This year, enduring the emotions from the recent disaster that has scarred Nepal, Miss Nepal US is embracing a theme of “Rebuilding Nepal”.
This year’s event will primarily be focused on charity for Nepal’s earthquake disaster relief in the hopes of recovering and rebuilding Nepal. 
Furthermore, in an effort to strengthen the Nepalese-American Youth relationship, to give opportunities to those who want to help Nepal, and/or have elaborately formulated relief effort concepts to support the Nepal earthquake victims, this year we are also opening our platform to the American females of all races, ages 19-29, where they will be competing for the exclusive sub-title of Miss Nepal US – Ambassador.
As this year’s event is more focused towards charity, funds transparency, and accountability; we are very thrilled to announce that we are partnering with UNICEF United States Fund and Nepal Government’s PM Earthquake Relief Fund with the commitment of maximum utilization of all collected fund to support the earthquake victims and to contribute towards Rebuilding Nepal.
Furthermore, this year’s event will be hosted by famous American media personality and celebrity Kiran Chetry and famous Nepali Bollywood Actress and Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal Government PM Fund for Disaster; Manisha Koirala will be gracing us with her presence at the Grand Finale of Miss Nepal US 2015.
Here is the link of 2014 event photos ::