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रातको ३ बजेर १ मिनट जादा बन्द अफिसको कोठामा cctv ले खिचिएको अचम्मलाग्दो हर्कत (भिडियो सहित)

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A 2 year old video of an office of UK, Manchester city is going viral. In this video uploaded on YouTube, some paranormal activities can be seen. All these footages are recorded through CCTV camera in the office. These paranormal activities have been taken from different cameras. In the presented video, the paranormal activities have started from about 1 minute after 3 O’clock. In the video it is seen that a chair moves on its own and also covers quiet a long distance. Similarly the computers present in the office and turned on and off on their own. Not only that the drawers present at the office are also opening and closing on their own.

The surrounding looks very scary and very horr0*r film like. It is not sure if the video is real neither it is sure that it is edited but it very fr!ghtening to watch and people too are loving seeing this video since it has gone so viral on the internet and has gained to many views. According to mythology gh0$ts and bat spirits usually appear at 3 of night as it is said to be the most appropriate time for them to come out. The way the chairs are moving in the video, the drawers are opening and closing on their own and the computers suddenly turning on and off is what a typical scene of horr*r movie. It also might be prank since pranks are so common nowadays.

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