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Madheshi Front to keep door open for talks

Madheshi Front to keep door open for talks


Kathmandu, Sept 17: The United Democratic Madheshi Front (UDMF) has decided to keep its door open to discussion on the new constitution with the major political parties in the country. 
Issuing a press statement on behalf the coalition of four Madhesh-centric political parties, the UDMF leaders accused the government for not being serious on exploring the solutions to the ongoing agitation in Madhesh agitation through discussion and dialogue. 
The statement signed by the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Chairperson, Upendra Yadav, the Terai-Madhesh Democratic Party Chairperson Mahantha Thakur, the Terai-Madhesh Sadbhwana Party Chairperson Mahendra Raya Yadav and the Sadbhawana Party general secretary Manish Suman stresses on giving continuity to the ongoing agitation in various districts in southern plains. 
The four parties had quit the Constituent Assembly and taken to street in protest of state delineation. 
The Front, expressing its qualm, accused the government for attempting to suppress the public protesting peacefully and in a non-violent way. 
Expressing tribute to those killed during the protest, the Front through the statement, has wished a recovery to those sustaining injuries in the agitation. RSS