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Nepali communities are on the scene during the US general elections

Nepali communities are on the scene during the US general elections

The Nepali communities throughout the United States have shown up their presence in this general election. Harry Bhandari won his election for the Maryland House of Delegates for the second time. He was elected in 2018 as the first Nepali immigrant to accomplish the highest elected position in the United States. Bhandari’s victory ignited the Nepali-American communities to be involved in American politics. Nepali communities understood that rather than engaging in Nepali politics in the United States, Nepali-American can find their way into American Politics.  
Wherever possible, active Nepali-Americans are trying their fate in different elections or helping out the candidates who have assured to support the Nepali community’s needs and concerns. In this general election, another Nepali-American, Sarahana Shrestha won the 103rd Assembly District seat in Tuesday’s election. She ran under the Democratic Party banner and defeated Patrick Sheehan of the Republican Party. Shrestha made another history by winning the election to the New York State Assembly as an immigrant of Nepali origin.  Both Bhandari and Shrestha are the icons for the Nepali-American who are dreaming the American politics. 
Nepali Communities are standing for solidarity and prosperities of the Nepali communities in different perspectives. Many of them backed up Sarahana Shrestha for 103rd Assembly district as the first Nepali-American running for the New York State Assembly. 
In the meantime, the Nepali communities in Long Island, New York have supported and endorsed Jake Blumencranz, the Republican Party candidate for Assembly District 15. 
The Nepali Communities came forward to support the Republican candidate based on his approach to Nepali communities and promised to support the communities in their needs. Bed Kharel, an active Nepali community leader residing in New York for a long time initiated to bring the Nepali community’s issue in front of the Assembly candidate Jake Blumencranz, welcomed him to his home and led the Nepali’s support to make the successful campaign. The Nepali communities took a vital role in Jake’s victory for the first time in the New York States Assembly. 
‘Republicans or Democrats, no matter who comes forward to help the Nepali community should be the choice of local Nepali-American Communities in the local contexts’, Kharel says for Jake’s victory.