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Bhojani and Meza’s victory boosted the Nepali community’s aspirations

Bhojani and Meza’s victory boosted the Nepali community’s aspirations

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Texas(America)- Salman Bhojani made history in Texas’s election yesterday. As a first person of color and an American of Pakistani origin, Bhojani won the election to the Texas House of Representatives from the district-92 on behalf Democratic Party. Defeating his republican opponent, Joe Livingston. Bhojani was elected as a city council member in 2018 and he got big support from the Nepali community in that election too. As a well-known fellow in the Nepali community, Bhojani got overwhelming support from the Asian community residing in his constituency. In fact, the Nepali community backed him hoping that he may take and bridge the issues related to the Nepali Community to Texas Capitol.
Similarly, Terry Meza an incumbent representative from district 105 won her reelection yesterday. She won the election for the third 2-year term in the Texas House of Representatives on behalf of the Democratic Party. Since Meza is a well-known representative of the Nepali community, she is also a key person to carry the Nepali-American community’s issues and concerns to the Texas House of Representatives. 
As soon as the election results came forward, Nepali Community got excited about their victories as they supported both candidates throughout the primaries and general election as well. Both Bhojani and Meza won the election from the most diverse constituencies in Texas. Thousands of Nepali voters residing in and around the Euless area played a crucial role in Bhojani’s victory as Texas House Delegate from District 92.   
Speaking with Himalaykhabar representative, Mohan Gyawali, an active member of the Nepali community said that Bhojani’s victory is a pathway for Nepali-Americans to make the dream true in mainstream politics in the United States. He added that Harry Bhandari, who created history by winning the Maryland House of Delegates in 2018 as the first Nepali-American delegate ignited the aspirations of the Nepali-American community to jump into mainstream American politics. Since then, many Nepali-Americans have tried their fate in the local elections and some of them have made successful entries as well. Gyawali himself has fought an election of Euless City Council Member and created hopes for the other young Nepali-Americans who may want to find some possibilities in American politics.