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Historian Satya Mohan Joshi passed away

Historian Satya Mohan Joshi passed away

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Kathmandu – Satya Mohan Joshi, who was born in Bakhumbahal, passed away on Sunday 30 October 2079 at Kisht Hospital, Gwarko, Lalitpur. Joshi In 2013, he received the Madan Award in Folklore Literature.
Joshi, who received the Madan Award for the second time in 2017 for the book Nepali Rashtriya Mudra and in 2028 for the book Karnali Folk Culture, became the first director of the Department of Archeology and Culture in 2015.
Joshi published a book titled ‘Nepali Mudra’ in 2016 with a detailed description of currency from the 5th century to the 20th century.
In recognition of his contribution to Nepali language, art, culture, conservation, promotion and development, Joshi has been awarded the prestigious Trishakti Patta, Adikavi Bhanubhakta Award, Kathmandu University as a token of appreciation for his contribution. The government of Nepal has also honored Rashtradeep for his brilliant record.
Joshi, who has won the ‘Madan Award’ three times, has published 10 works of management and research in Nepali, five dramas, two poems and five story collections and about 50 works in Newari language.
The book ‘Zureli Darshan’, written by poet and writer Anil Paudel, covering the various aspects of the contribution made by Shatabdi Purush Joshi to literature, art culture and stage throughout his life, is now published. His biography, language, literature, folk culture exploration and other topics are covered in this work.
He has published 10 books on culture. He has written two poems, five collections of stories, 10 plays and some works in Newari language. The critic stated that he has published 50 books. Among them, 20 of his books are considered important books.
On Joshi’s 100th birth anniversary, Nepal Rastra Bank, Currency Management Department, Taksar Branch, issued a silver coin bearing the image of Joshi, the literary centenarian. 25,000 pieces of Rs 2,500, 25,000 pieces of Rs 1,000 and 10,000 pieces of Rs 100 coins have a picture of Joshi on one side and a picture of Mount Everest on the other.
Joshi, a senior writer who received an honorary degree from Kathmandu University, was awarded the ‘Padma Shri Sadhana Samman Award’ in 2069. Born in a Newari family, Joshi did not speak Nepali for 10 years.