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City of Euless approved to build three hundred new homes

City of Euless approved to build three hundred new homes

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Dallas (USA). The construction process of nearly 300 new houses has progressed in Euless City, Texas, which is preferred by Nepalis for residence.
 Euless City Council has recently given approval to proceed with this process.The City has approved the construction of a new home on 63 acres (approximately 500 acres) of land at the corner of Highway 360 and 183 in Euless’ zip code 76039. According to Tika Poudel, a member of the City Council and a leader of the Nepali community, Centurion American Builders will have a total of 762 units in villas, row houses, and town houses.

58 villas, 84 row houses, 78 townhouses of 25×95 size and 123 townhouses of 22×95 size will be built at that location. Most members of the Nepali community want to buy a house and live in Euless City. As the new house construction process continues, Nepalis have shown great interest.This place will also have facilities such as swimming pool, community center, and ample parking. Many are interested because it is connected to two highways and is located between Dallas and Fort Worth. With no new homes being built in Euless, many people are buying homes from nearby Arlington, Fort Worth, and even Saginaw.
Euless City, connected with DFW International Airport, has become the center of Nepalese. The construction of Pashupatinath Temple and Buddhist Stupa is also progressing in this city. Work is being done with the plan to move Irving’s temple to Euless by next Dashain.